Why make Product Videos for Fashion E-commerce?

80% of internet traffic will be video by 2020 (Cisco), So what does this mean for the fashion and e-commerce?

Video is the best medium to tell stories and engage people, therefore, it's finding its way into fashion e-commerce. Here are 5 reasons to why we think every online retailer will be using product videos by 2020.

1. Increase sales.

Video provides a deeper understanding of a product that photos just can't possibly convey. Through video users can see how an item looks from all angles, they can see how a fabric falls, how it reflects the light and also get a better understanding of how the item fits. Overall it helps consumers make more informed decisions about an item of clothing they are interested in.

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2. Engage your user for longer

If you are given a choice of either watching a video or reading a text, every time you’d choose the video (I really should make this article into a video to further prove my point, shouldn't I?). Just like scrolling through a social feed, you see a video and it makes you stop. Naturally you feel compelled to finish consuming the content and find out what happens next. The moment your users see a product video, it will capture their attention leading to longer engagement times, it will also dramatically improve your SEO ranking too!

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3. Refund Less

Refunds happen when the product turns out to be different and not what the customer has expected. It could be because they chose a different size, or it could also be because the product did not end up matching their expectations. Whatever the reason is, here’s how product videos can help companies receive less refunds. There will also be limitations looking at photos. With video, the customer can see how the clothes fit and fall in comparison to the model.

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4. Increase Trust

Adding a product video to a page may seem like a small change, but on a larger scale, it, actually, also portrays your business as having an honest, realistic approach to products you’re selling. Your commitment to transparency is highly appreciated by customers, and will definitely set you apart from competitors who are not doing it.

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5. Its Quick and Easy

What’s holding you or your company back from making product videos when you are already taking still product shots? At Veed, we make this process headache-free — just upload your footage, and our AI will automatically edit it for you. Oh, and by the way, it’s much cheaper and faster than all other existing solutions out there, including hiring your own video editor(s). Get ahead of your competition and stand out.

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Bonus point

Our clients have also been repurposing their catalogue contents for social media post, just like this.

If you want to find out more how we can help you produce product videos visit www.veed.io or email us at s@veed.io