When we started VEED, we had a simple mission: making storytelling with video simple and accessible for everyone. We started by making video editing a lot simpler, but our ambition is much bigger. That's why we're shifting from building "just" a video editor to building a suite of tools that allow anyone to make great videos.

One of the areas we're betting big on is live streaming. Why?

Every kid and every company wants to be a streamer these days, but creating a professional-looking stream is still incredibly difficult, time-consuming and throttled by hardware limitations. It is slow, painful, and you need a lot of knowledge to get started. On top of that, people often want to edit, publish and archive their streams afterwards, and current streaming solutions don't offer that. A lot of people actually use VEED for this, so we know we can bring our tool to a large audience, instantly.

Live Streaming from the browser

Now onto Welder.

The energy you need to throw everything you have at starting your own company are like no other. We know because it was that exact energy that my co-founder Tim and myself used to build VEED. It is that force that allows you to move fast, learn quickly and beat incumbents.  

When we met the Welder team, they had that energy. We thought what they were doing was super interesting - a high-quality video and audio recording software. Besides that, the team at Welder had built a fantastic product and had reached a few thousand in monthly revenue by the time we met. Building a live streaming tool is very complex, both from a technical and design perspective. So we were looking to build an all star team, and we’ve found them.

Celebrating with the team

Truth be told, this acquisition happened six months ago. We decided to keep it quiet until we were really sure that the integration would go ahead smoothly VS running Welder as a separate product. But today, we are super pleased to announce the news of this acquisition and the launch of a private beta for VEED LIVE - our brand new live streaming product!

Live - Work in progress

We plan to start rolling out VEED Live over the coming weeks to all of the VEED users, it will be accessible with just one click from the dashboard. Our plan is to invest in making VEED the very best product it can be.

Welcome to the team