When building our first product VEED the online video editor, my cofounder and myself were really concerned about how long it would take to build and when would we get my first paying customer, so i asked around. The responses I got where so good I decided to put my findings into a blog called take the bait.

What is the blog about?

Take the Bait is a blog about how profitable startups built their MVPs & found their very first customers! We currently feature 8 different startup stories, with their founders dishing out all the gory details of being an entrepreneur. From trashing Paid for PR to raising over 67,000 on Kickstarter, these budding entrepreneurs have seen it all and are here to tell us all about it!

How can you get involved?

You can visit take the bait on this link and if you have a story you want to share, email us at info@veed.io